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Great! Welcome! Maybe you'll do as the song says: “Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair”.....AND NOW, you can be even more carefree when making plans to experience the 'magic' of this so-called "City By the Bay". You're just one click shy of finding a hassle-free way to plan your visit by simply emailing RAHN RECOMMENDS | SAN FRANCISCO | eConcierge Services. It’s your one-stop, stress free, online solution to researching the MUST-DO and MUST-SEE attractions when visiting San Francisco. I've been a hotel Concierge and hospitality industry insider for close to 20 years and have now decided to create my own online “eConcierge” business. Think of it like hiring your very own private Concierge who can quickly research and recommend things to do, see and help guide your holiday plans—----from a local's perspective. Whether it’s: •Trying to snag hard-to-find Alcatraz tickets (especially during peak tourist season) •Taking an open-top Grand Tour of the city •Stomping through the vineyards of Napa-Sonoma Wine Country •Hopping the historic cable car •Sea lion watching at Fisherman’s Wharf •Biking the glamorous Golden Gate Bridge •OR, if you’ve got an adventurous spirit and feel like wandering way off the beaten tourist path, don’t sweat it •Let RAHN RECOMMENDS| SAN FRANCISCO | eConcierge Services handle everything—— either long before you arrive and even when get here! Of course, the most important part of my business mission is to help make your visit to San Francisco easy, fun and memorable whether you’re here for work or play •So, sit back, relax and, yeah, go ahead and put that flower in your hair while you plop down at your computer keyboard or when you thumb type me an email from your smartphone. However you reach me, feel free to “ask away” because rest assured RAHN RECOMMENDS | SAN FRANCISCO | eConcierge Services has got your visit—and unforgettable holiday memories—covered. Photo credit: s.f. sticker: Illustration J.She@sfstickersco.


It’s actually pretty simple and straightforward. If you are a hotel guest staying at a hotel location that partners with RAHN RECOMMENDS | SAN FRANCISCO | eConcierge Services (ask your reservations or front desk agent), then you’ll be given a special code and a specific email address and instructions where to send your questions, requests and inquiries. However, if you are not a hotel guest with a partnered hotel but still want a recommendation or to make a request with RR | SF | eConcierge Services independently, then please indicate that in your message from this site to include where we can respond— via email—to start the ball rolling. Photo credit: s.f. sticker. Illustration J.She@sfstickersco


It all depends. If a hotel partner is contracted with RAHN RECOMMENDS | SAN FRANCISCO | eConcierge Services to provide the service then it will be FREE OF CHARGE to that hotel’s guests. If the hotel partner is not contracted to offer the service free to its guests then guests will have an option to independently contact RR | SF | eConcierge Services and pay a one-time flat fee ($10) to receive —email only—recommendations and communication. If the request is for RR| SF | eConcierge Services to: •organize a tour(s) •secure theatre, sporting or other entertainment tickets or •make dinner reservations, etc. and request ticket(s) delivery and to go over all the particulars at their hotel location then the cost is ($25), per request. If the request is for RR | SF | eConcierge Services to: •privately customize a guest's entire day-to-day visitor itinerary package with tickets, tour confirmations, dinner reservations, etc. and ticket delivery to the guest's hotel location then this cost will be initially assessed at ($50), per request. The cost of the private, day-by-day special RR| SF | eConcierge Services package may vary depending on the level of demand and day-to-day involvement necessary by the Concierge. ***All package costs may vary and are subject to change based on the level of service being requested*** Photo credit: s.f. sticker: Illustration J.She@sfstickersco


Let’s say you’re coming to San Francisco and also coming upon a special anniversary, birthday celebration, honeymoon or you want to do something special for your spouse, significant other or friend just because. Never to worry. RAHN RECOMMENDS | SAN FRANCISCO | eConcierge Services will handle it for you. If it’s strawberries dipped in chocolate with champagne you want or delivery of an organic food & fruit basket, a dozen roses awaiting your significant other’s arrival to their hotel room, a birthday cake delivered or a splurging, romantic ride on the Napa Valley Wine Train that you need organized, just ask RR | SF | eConcierge Services to take care of all the details so you can concentrate on the most important thing—your loved one. **The cost for a standard amenity service is ($20), per request, not including costs for the amenity being requested.


The BIG advantage is that you are able to communicate with someone who eats, sleeps, breathes, lives in and loves San Francisco! And, someone who is an industry insider with nearly 20 years of direct Concierge experience at all levels—from the backpack budget tourist to the well-heeled and world -traveled visitor to San Francisco. Fascinating and intriguing history is at every eclectic corner of San Francisco, a city of neighborhoods that are as different and diverse as the city's cultural landscape itself. Which means you may need someone local and more reliable than just a stab-in-the-dark Google search or a highly-opinionated YELP review. You need RAHN RECOMMENDS | SAN FRANCISCO | eConcierge Services. PHOTO: San Francisco Mayor, London Breed (left) and Rahn d. Fudge (right), Owner, Rahn Recommends | San Francisco | eConcierge Services pose for a selfie at the opening night of a swanky downtown San Francisco nightlife spot (THE VAULT).


As previously mentioned, I’ve worked in the local San Francisco hospitality and Concierge industry for close to 20 years. I started—or more like stumbled—into the local tourism world as a Customer Services Representative with the so-called “mothership” of San Francisco tourism: The San Francisco Convention & Visitor’s Bureau (now called SF Travel). From there, I went on to work as a hotel and residential Concierge at various legendary, historic and prestigious, five-star hotel and high-rise residential properties such as: •The Donatello Hotel •The Sir Francis Drake Hotel •The Prescott Hotel •The St. Regis Hotel & Residences •The Palms Residences •The Infinity Towers Residences Lastly, and for the past 11 years, I worked as the Senior Concierge at the historic Hotel Whitcomb in downtown San Francisco (as pictured below). Throughout the 19 years of working in the local hospitality/tourism industry, I have met some incredible people from around the world, had amazing work and personal experiences many of which were life changing and unforgettable. Thankfully, many of the people who I have encountered throughout my Concierge career have responded in kind with commendations of praise and, as a result, I have received numerous awards and acknowledgments from the various hotel and residential properties where I’ve worked. It’s truly been an honor and my sincere pleasure to welcome and serve visitors to San Francisco and I’d like to keep doing it with your help.


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