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We are dedicated breeders who care. We are not the feed seeds breed and sell no matter the condition and treat our stock like machines. We feed our canaries seed blend with vitamins and minerals also giving colorants to give our birds a nice red color. All canaries are also feed veggies like spinach and broccoli and takes bath 2 to 3 times a week. The environment is clean because we believe a healthy environment shows a healthier birds through plumage. We have assorted Red Mosaic Mutations you can inquire on. Some of our Mosaics are imports from Italy. Feel free to inquire at our email MosaicCanariesCentral@gmail.com or text at (347) 937-3023.

What is a Mosaic?

By definition it is more known as a Dimorphic Canary that was discovered around the early 1940's. Despite being named dimorphic, countries used the term we know as today "Mosaic" due to its appearance. The first show that mosaic canaries appeared in goes back to the Netherlands. The origins with this mutations came from a hybridization between a red siskin crossed with a canary. This created the Mosaic Factor which is a recessive sex linked mutation. These mosaic traits can be seen in non intensive, frosted or buff canaries. However, cannot be seen in intensive, dominant or recessive white canaries. Mosaics can be bred to all three ground colors which are White, Yellow and Red. The characteristics of a mosaic can tell the different between genders. A male in the first pic has a mask around its face, shoulder of its wings has red, stomach has a light red coloration and on its flank contain red there as well. A female has little to no mask unless selectively bred, the mask for them naturally looks like eyeliner with color, shoulder of wings colored, flank colored and slightly on the chest like a male. Mosaics are famously known for their lipochrome form being a chalky white plumage with a red mask, red shoulder and red flank. Being that mosaics over the years are introduced to melanin colors being classical and non classical tones the species have mutated to multiple forms creating endless possibilities through selective breeding methods, evolution and luck. This is just a basic idea of the mosaic bird that you desire


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