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How much does a Gardener website cost?

Not only are you an established gardener, you’re also a smart businessperson who knows that the best way to grow your gardening business moving forward is to establish yourself online. You also know you have at least two options – you could build it yourself, or you could pay someone else to build it for you. What you don’t know, perhaps, is how much a business website costs.

We can tell you that, according to web developers – the people who build websites professionally – the average cost of having someone build a basic small business website for you is between £2,000-£8,000.

That’s probably a larger number than you were expecting, and it’s a huge range as well – different types of businesses require different sorts of websites, from e-commerce focused pages to service providers. And it doesn’t take into account any money you’ll need to keep the page online, like domain and hosting costs to technical support if something goes wrong.

Take a look at this cost breakdown:


No matter what the industry, if you’re looking to cut down on costs, building your own website is one option you may have explored already. With all the different web-building platforms available today, you don’t need to be massively tech-savvy to create a DIY website for your gardening business. You don’t have to code, or manage hosts or servers or know more than the very basics of web design.

But just because it’s easier, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be spending time on your website that you couldn’t be spending on perfecting your grass cutting, weeding, and fencing. And building your website is just one part of the puzzle – you’ll also need to make sure that people can find it online, which means investigating SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation), getting on to directories and Google My Business. That’s before we get to the importance of making sure your gardening business’ website shows up correctly on mobile, too.

In other words, there’s a reason website development is a full-fledged career, and if you’re a busy small business owner, you might not have the time to build a DIY site for your business that measures up to your own personal satisfaction.

Luckily for you, there are a number of business-oriented website creators out there. You could go to Wix, which will help you to create a visually appealing website for free, but as soon as you want to create your own domain name, get rid of advertisements, or make bookings for fencing, weeding, and grass cutting, you’ll need to pay between £5 and £25 a month, depending on the features you need.

You could also consider Wordpress, which caters a bit more to those with some web development aptitude, but you’ll run into similar budget concerns when you want to customise your site, and you might find that maintaining the site is encroaching more and more on your ability to continue to deliver the best fencing services around. Similarly to Wix, you’ll find that the features that make your webpage business-appropriate, don’t come for free, and you’ll also have to know how to implement them.


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