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What is the best layout for a dance instruction website?

It used to be that if you needed dance lessons for yourself or a group in a city that you didn’t frequently visit, you’d turn to the Yellow Pages and find a place that looked or sounded like it would give you the sort of instruction you needed. For many small businesses, these directories were a lifeline.

Now, instead of the Yellow Pages, we have the Internet. Whenever someone wants to find local dance lessons, they turn to their friends and they turn to the web. That means that if you’re a dance instructor that wants a piece of the nearly 40,000 searches Google processes every second, you’ve got to be online. And, beyond that, you’ve got to be online with a good website. But what does that really mean?

80% of people research a business online before they visit it. When customers today do this kind of exploratory research, they’re looking for a business that looks credible and well-liked.

They’ll want to see photos and positive reviews, as well as the standard details about your dance lessons, including your hours, your contact information, and the kinds of classes you offer.

They may even want to be able to interact with you directly to ask questions – so it’s smart to make yourself accessible in the right places.

As a rule, your dance instruction website should always feature three things: excellent usability, appealing aesthetics and informative content.

In practice, this means that you’ll want to pay particular attention to the quality of the photography or other images used, the design of the page – as well as how it looks on mobile, which is how more and more people are searching for small businesses today – and clear, concise description of the dance lessons’s services, location, and hours.

Take a look at this web page to see how our website model works for dance lessons:

Mags Delgado Dance– a free, ready-made solution for a dance lessons from UENI

Mags Delgado Dance
  • Images: Premium, high-quality images that capture the visitor’s attention and provide visual context for the services on offer.
  • Content: bespoke and engaging written content that welcomes visitors to the page, sets the scene for the business’ story/mission, and clearly and concisely informs the reader of what he or she needs to know about the dance lessons.
  • Services: A services section makes visitors aware of the products/services on offer and includes online booking functionality, allowing the user to book a group lesson, private lesson, or dance fitness class directly.
  • Map: An interactive map allows visitors to quickly and effortlessly pinpoint the exact location of the business.
  • Opening hours: The business’ opening hours are clearly displayed for users in a readily digestible format.

Every one of our dance instruction websites has been built around these guiding principles – usability, aesthetics and great content. This makes the website user-friendly and improves the overall user experience, allowing prospective customers to quickly and easily find the company and see what kind of dance lessons they offer.


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