4 absolutely essential tools for car repair

Few mechanical projects evoke as much passion as putting work into an automobile. There’s something special about car repair, or just honing a sweet-lookin’ motor, and it’s something you definitely want to get right.

To that end, you’ve got to have the right tools to make your old banger look proper spiffy.

While not a complete list, we reckon this is a reliable run-down of good gear to start showing your car some proper tender love and care. Whether you’re an old pro looking for upgrades, or you’re just getting started refurbishing a prised ride, this run-down is worth a punt.

USAG 496 BP2 assortment

If you’re working on repairing a car, and you want a starter pack that will include near every tool you’d ever need, this is the one you want.

Pliers with straight nose for internal circlips? It’s got that. What about for external circlips? Got those pliers too. T-handle with sliding square drive? Obviously – it’s in there.

All told, the USAG 496 BP2 assortment for car repair has more than 120 instruments, all top-of-the-line to make sure your ride is well tuned-up.

Stanley ST-84 Fatmax rolling workstation

Alright, so you’ve got all the tools you need. Now you need somewhere to store them and keep them sorted. For that, there’s nothing better than the Stanley ST-84 Fatmax rolling workstation.

It’s a heavy-duty place to keep all your gear tidy. With tons (and tons) of storage and easily removable trays, it’s a versatile addition that will help with any project – because if everything else goes tits up, at least you’ll know where your diagonal cutting nippers are.

The Expert-level tool trolley

If there’s one thing that’s useful to have around, it’s a shelf. You can put things on shelves, which is much better than just leaving them on the ground.

But if shelves have one drawback, it’s that they aren’t always exactly beside you. But no more!

In all seriousness, if you want a mobile workstation with industrial non-slip (rubber-matted) shelves that comfortably supports up to 200 kilograms, you’ve found the right heavy-duty trolley here.

Heavy-duty inspection creeper

Michelangelo spent four years on his back painting the Sistine Chapel. He said of this work: I’ve already grown a goiter from this torture, hunched up here like a cat in Lombardy.

Don’t be like Michelangelo. (Or like a cat in Lombardy?) Get yourself the right apparatus to easily slide under any automobile and get a good look at the chassis without breaking your back.

This heavy-duty inspection creeper is equipped with an adjustable headrest, handy tool tray, and high-density foam cushions and headrest. Did we mention the whole thing is automotive fluid stain-resistant? Well, it is, mate.

Whether or not your motorwork is your masterpiece, you may as well be comfortable working on your back.

So where do I get all this stuff?

Mister Worker® is just what you need: an online store focused on providing you with the professional tools you need to get the job done.

Here, you can find all of the above and much more, including: more than 25,000 products, plus express shipments and custom quotes.

Check it out for yourself!

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