Advanced Layout Guide: The Essential & Standard Layouts

We are introducing two Advanced Layouts: Essential and Standard.

The strength of these layouts comes from their simplicity and clean design. That’s why we believe these layouts pair well with businesses that want simple websites that capture all their important information.

These layouts will work best for you if:

  • You have minimal information but want your site to look professional.
  • You want your website to be easy to understand for all of your clients.

Overview of the Essential Layout 

The Essential Layout consists of the Home and Contact pages. This layout is perfect for displaying all your essential information in one place. 

This works best for businesses with minimal information. Remember, you can add different sections to the Home page, such as About, Promotion, Testimonials, Reviews, and many more. 

The About Us section on the Home page is versatile and offers many possibilities. You can keep a business biography and introduce to your visitors what the business offers. You can use the Promotion section to highlight your current offers, whilst Testimonials could showcase customers’ reviews of your products or services. 

Finally, the Contact page is perfect for adding a contact form so customers can send you any enquiries. This is also a great page to show your business’ contact information.

Check out our example:

Overview of the Standard Layout 

The Standard Layout consists of three pages – Home, Offerings and Contact

The highlight of this layout is the Offerings page, where you can showcase your products, services and/or price lists on an individual page.

Check out our example: 

Remember, you can always create more pages on your website and customise the content of each to your liking! For a step-by-step walkthrough, check out our guide on how to enable advanced layout and customise individual pages.

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