Advanced Layout Guide: The Essential & Standard Layouts

We are introducing two Advanced Layouts: Essential and Standard. The strength of these layouts comes from their simplicity and clean design. That’s why we believe these layouts pair well with businesses that want simple websites that capture all their important information. These layouts will work best for you if: Overview of the Essential Layout  The […]

Advanced Layout Guide: The Creative Layout

The Creative Layout is perfect for promoting your creative work and striking a first impression! It is designed for visually-oriented businesses, or anyone who wants to highlight good quality images. As a default, the Creative layout consists of the following pages: Each of these pages are fully customisable and additional pages can also be added. […]

Advanced Layout Guide: The Store Layout

For this article, we are looking at the Store layout. Choosing the appropriate layout for your website is key to making it look professional. The Store layout will make your website a true e-commerce portal, with products and services on different pages for easy access. The Store layout consists of the following pages: Each top-level […]

NEW Feature: Customise Your Pages!

We just released an improvement to our Advanced Layouts: you can now create empty top-level pages. This allows you to creatively add individual pages with bespoke content depending on your preferences. Highlights To begin, please ensure that you have enabled an advanced layout on your website. If you are unsure how to do this, follow […]

Introducing FAQ standalone section

Our latest release is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) standalone section, which allows you to add top-level pages to display commonly asked questions and answers on your website about topics that may be relevant to your customers. For example, your customers may have queries about issues such as shipping and handling, product information, and return […]