Essential barber tools for 2018: what you need & how much you should charge

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Ah, hello there gentlemen of the barber-ly trade.

We know you take a lot of pride in your work, so you may have asked yourself: what tools do I need to make my job easier and the quality of the haircuts I deliver better?

In other words, how can I make sure my barber equipment is a cut above the rest?

From the hair clippers to T-blade trimmers, it pays to have the best barber tools. But when ratcheting up your barber equipment arsenal, it can sometimes be tough to know where to start.

To help you assemble your top-notch barber kit, we’ve talked to barbers all over the UK, and put together a comprehensive list of all hair-cutting tools a professional barber needs on hand (or, in hair?) in 2018.

Clippers for all kinds

When it comes to clippers, versatility is key. It’s a good idea to maintain a varied set so you can trim comfortably and craft whatever nuanced coiffure your customer prefers.

For your detachable clippers, we recommend the detachable Oster 76 Classic.

Most of the barbers we’ve talked to like also having a cordless, adjustable pair of clippers – for cleaning up those harder-to-reach spots. To this end, they’d recommend The Wahl Cordless Magic Clip.

If you’re after a barber who specialises in close-cutting, check out the Andis T-Outliner Trimmer. Its powerful magnetic motor has carbon-steel blades, making it ideal for fades, outlines, and dry shaves.

If price is no object, consider the Babyliss Pro FX880 Super Motor V-Blade Clipper. It’s got sharp design and sharp Japanese blades which, aided by its high-torque pivot motor, can slice through the thickest locks without a hitch. It’s also got 5-position taper control and 6 comb attachments, so it fits the bill (in terms of versatility).

A close shave

To provide a close shave and that charmingly old-fashioned feel, a straight edge razor is a smart choice.

The Equinox Straight Edge Razor is just £15 a pair, making them quite the steely steal (we’re sorry for that joke). But any will do here.

But you can’t do everything with a straight razor. You should flesh out your barber toolkit with a suite of shears. Typically, you’ve got to have one for blending and texturing, another, smaller middleweight pair, and then a final set of heavy-duty scissors that look suited for lawn work, but can make quick work of thick hair.

Check out the ones made by Equinox. They’re good value for money, and they’ve created a range of barber blades called the Equinox Razor Edge, which you can buy for fewer than £25.

Boar-bristle brush for a shiny ‘do

A good brush is one that combs and conditions at once — and that doesn’t tug too hard on your clients’ hair.

That’s why a board bristle brush is the best choice. It naturally conditions hair, improves its texture, reduces frizz, and stimulates the scalp. A lot of the time it does enough that you don’t need to apply any product to give your clients’ hair shape.

The boar bristles (yes, they use real hair) are packed together so tightly that they polish every single strand—but that’s also why they can be difficult for an inexperienced barber to manage. Because its material means it latches on to a lot of hair and very tightly, manipulating this sort of brush demands a gentle and practiced hand.

If that sounds like you and you aren’t yet a fan of the boar brush, pick up the Sibel Classic 74 Hair Brush. We’re confident you’ll convert, and this model is readily available online for around 5 quid.

The long-lasting blow dryer

As you probably know, driers can be pricey. But, as you may have discovered, the cheap ones wear out in a short time.

Coming in at 2000 watts, the BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer will last you a long time, and it comes packed with cool features — like protecting your clients’ hair from heat damage with an adjustable temperature setting.

Finishing touches

Now for the cherry on the cake: the hot towel.

While many barbershops heat their towels in whatever’s available (a microwave etc.), why not invest in a gadget that does the job proper?

The Skinmate Compact Hot Towel Cabinet warms each towel to the perfect temperature while you tend to your clients, so you never have to miss a beat (or pop a towel in your microwave) again.

The best barber tool: charging the right price

At UENI, we’ve built more than a million websites for small business owners throughout Europe. All this data gives us a lot of insight.

We’ve put together the average cost-per-cut by country for you, so you can make sure you charge enough for your services.

Because knowledge is the best tool for any business.

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