Some helpful facts on starting a small business from UENI’s own Legal Dan

Legal Dan is the man

At UENI, we’re lucky to have ‘Legal Dan,’ our go-to legal guru.

Legal Dan has helped us to create this video* to explain some of the common issues related to launching and operating a small business.

If you’re hoping to start a small business or launch an independent enterprise, then we’ve got some good news: here’s some information on how to do it.

In this video, here are just some of the questions Legal Dan answers:

  • How do I start providing services as a business?
  • What is a ‘Limited’ company?
  • What is the actual legal process for launching a new company?
  • Can I select any company name I want?
  • Is setting up a business a complex legal process?

*Please do not treat this video as legal advice. You should speak to a professional adviser who can provide specific tailored advice for your circumstances. 

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