3 easy steps to make your landscaping business bloom


Finding new customers can be challenging for a landscaping business, especially during the winter months.

Luckily, we’ve prepared 3 easy ways to grow your business during any season:

1. Plant your seeds in fertile ground

Just as good seeds won’t take root in bad soil, you should cultivate your business where it’s fruitful to do so.

No matter how good you are as a landscaper, if customers can’t find you they won’t hire you.

These days, 83% of your customers look for local businesses using online search engines

If your landscaping business doesn’t appear on Google’s when people search for the services you offer, then your competitors will get the call (and the job).

Your first step is to get your business on the map, the Google Map, that is!

2. Nurture your relationships

Fostering your business relationships takes as much care and attention as a temperamental flower. To make them bloom is demanding, but the end-result is worthwhile.

To identify potential partnerships, try to think about your services from your customers’ perspective. What businesses are your customers dealing with before they decide which landscape designer to ask for a quote?

Joining forces with a construction company may prove to be a good first step (as after having a house built, homeowners will likely attend to their garden).

But many other businesses, such as estate agencies or removal companies, may also make great partners.

Consider this: estate agents see hundreds of houses every month. They often offer advice as to the best way to improve the value of a property when someone wants to sell. When they advise the owner to improve his or her garden, wouldn’t it be nice
if they handed over your business card to get the job done?

To foster these kinds of partnerships, the most important thing to consider is this: what’s in it for your partner?

Think about the incentives you want to offer to your partners, so your goals are properly aligned and everyone is happy contributing to it.

3. Reap your harvest with the right tools

Could your business survive without a telephone? Probably not.

Although the landscapers surely led successful businesses before the telephone was invented, no one would seriously think about not using one today.

(The guys from TechRadar put together an amazing list of the best telephone deals for business you might want to check out, here.)

Today, the internet has emerged as another essential tool for any serious business.

Does handling the phone frequently demand your attention? Setting up the right website allows your customers to book your services without you. You can be busy at work while new customers find all the information about your services, which you used to need to explain yourself, online.

Having an effective website will feel like having an additional person working for you and managing your customers while you can focus on other stuff.

range of affordable options to get your business online has made an online presence a basic part of business today — an essential step to take towards thriving.

Get a done-for-you website that generates more leads, bookings and sales

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