Take your website to the next level with Content Blocks

We are very excited to introduce our latest feature – Content Blocks. This new website feature allows you to create content blocks — with images and text — and place them anywhere on your website. This will allow you to create more complex and content-oriented websites, ultimately making your website more unique and in tune with your business.

These are the main benefits of the new Content Blocks:

  • Content Block sections are simple block lists, each with a title, an image and some text content. Mix and match these three elements to create fully personalized content blocks!
  • You can create as many Content Blocks sections as you need, each with any number of blocks.
  • You can place Content Blocks anywhere on your website: on any page or repeated on the same page.
  • Content Blocks are managed in their own library, allowing you to reuse them easily.

More Website Personalization

The blocks in each Content Block section are composed of a title, image, and text content, making it easy to create visually appealing blocks of content that can be used to promote products, highlight services, or showcase your latest blog posts. With Content Blocks, you can ensure your website looks beautiful and professional without spending hours creating custom content.

You can mix and match the different elements of each block:

  • Use title, image and text content to display a rich feed of upcoming events;
  • Use icons with text to showcase your business highlights;
  • Create title-only blocks to list top partners or collaborators.
    The possibilities are endless.

Create Unlimited Content Blocks

One of the main features of Content Blocks is that you can create as many as you want. This means that no matter how many Content Blocks you need you can add them to as many pages as you like.

Save Time and Effort

All your content blocks are managed in a library, making them easy to find and reuse. You can easily edit and update your content blocks in the library, and any changes you make will be reflected across all instances of the block on your website. This saves you time and ensures consistency across your website, allowing you to focus on other essential aspects of your business.

With the ability to create unlimited content blocks, you have the flexibility to create the exact content you need for your website. Whether you need a block of content to promote a new product, highlight a specific service or introduce yourself, Content Blocks allow you to create the content you need and place it exactly where you need it.

Whether you’re a blogger or a business owner, this new website editor feature is a game-changer.

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