How “China Friend”
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China Friend numbers with UENI

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#1 ranking in google search local area+business category search

A little bit of history

Business Category: Chinese Restaurant & Takeaway
Founded: +12 years ago
Number of employees: 10

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Why were they looking to get a website for their business

“Many customers walk into our store and ask if we have a website, as they were interested in our food but were not hungry at the time. Also, We saw that many other food businesses in the area started offering their food online with food platforms like Deliveroo, Just-Eat. However, we did not want to use these platforms due to the big % fees that they charge. We did not want to increase our prices to our customers in order to be able to offer our food on the food platforms, so we decided we needed our own website.”

What were the main challenges when looking for a solution and getting their website actually live?

“There were many providers of a website solution, some which required us to do it all ourselves, and others which would do it all for us. Speaking to an agency which offered to build it all for us, the upfront price point was way too high for a website which we did not know how it would perform. Whereas with the do it yourself solution, we were not confident that we would be able to do it as well as a pro.We tried Wix, but were not able to build a professional looking, functional website ourselves, even after spending 10+ hours on it.”

What was UENI’s impact in their business?

“We get a good amount of sales, both new customers and repeat customers that make orders online. Also, walk-in customers mention that they saw our website and that they came in because they saw it online.The website works well for what we need, but also the Google panel listing that was created has really helped foot traffic to our location. And the reviews on there have been great to both see where we had some issues with our service or food, but also to show that we do a great job for everyone online to see.”

A word of advice for entrepreneurs who want to build an online presence for their small business

“Keep your costs low, find what works for your business and your clientele, and grow that part until you are in a stable place before expanding to new products. A website, and also social media, are both great low-cost solutions to get noticed and attract some new leads.”