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Our Story

In general, the best businesses are those that identify a clear, present need and then develop a solution. Of course, few needs are more persistent than the desire for a dentist in the presence of a truly abominable toothache.

It was 11 o’clock in the evening in Paris, and Anh, one of the founders of UENI, was in the throes of terrible tooth pain. He called his wife, Christine, while she was in London, and asked her what to do; he did not know of a good local dentist and did not know where to find one. The problem they uncovered was this: though small businesses represent roughly 98% of the European economy, most do not have a meaningful online presence. In contrast, 86% of consumers now consult search engines before they make a purchase. So, the bottom line: most of us go online to find a business, even though most businesses aren’t online.

UENI’s mission is simple: bring local businesses online. When asked, most small business owners recognise the importance of being online. So why isn’t this already the case? The time, cost and complexity of creating and maintaining a relevant online presence are significant barriers for small businesses.

That’s how Christine and Anh had the idea for UENI, which today delivers to thousands of businesses every month a fully built online presence and access to customers searching online.


Our Mission

UENI was founded in 2014 to provide small businesses with an easy, low-cost way to get online and get new customers. We saw that the biggest pain points for small business owners was that they don’t have much time to build their online presence, they don’t have much money to spend on digital advertising, and they don’t want to navigate the complexity of what it means to be online today.

So we built something specifically for small business owners. Unlike website builders or digital agencies, UENI delivers a fully built website and listings on trusted, high traffic platforms with very little input from the business and for a very low cost. In fact, our starter product is free.

Small and micro businesses need to be empowered. They need financing, they need staff, they need an inviting storefront or van, and they need access to customers searching online. We at UENI are proud to have the chance to help the millions of local and family-run businesses compete by giving them a platform online.

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