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Grow your business with our 1-on-1 help

Work with a dedicated marketer to bring you more results.

Dedicated Marketing Manager

1-on-1 Monthly Growth Meetings

SEO & Social Media Strategy

Dedicated Marketing Manager

1-on-1 Monthly Growth Meetings

SEO & Social Media Strategy

Need a marketing plan? You got it

Customized Marketing Program

Here’s an example of how we can work with you.

Month 1

Defining your brand - unique selling point

Month 2

Getting ten five-star reviews each week

Month 3

Email marketing

Month 4

Posting on Facebook & Instagram

Month 5

Advanced SEO

Customized Marketing Program example
Dedicated Marketing Manager
Wish you could hire a marketer? You can!
Dedicated Marketing Partner

Tailored strategies to grow your business

Marketing expert focused on what your business needs

1-on-1 hands-on meetings every month over Zoom

Marketing done with you to grow your business

Not sure how to do SEO? We do!

SEO to Rank Higher on Google

Ongoing advice to rank higher on Google

2,000 words of content created by us every month

Blog content keyword-optimized to rank on Google

Monthly SEO audit report

SEO to Rank Higher on Google
Leverage the highest ROI marketing channel
Never done email campaigns? We’ll show you how!
Leverage the highest ROI marketing channel

Increase purchases & bookings by sending email

Start collecting leads

Learn how to set up your email marketing platform

Together build out email campaigns

Overwhelmed by posts, hashtags and reels? We’ll keep it simple.

Social Media Marketing

Build your presence to attract new customers

Learn how to create posts…and then do it

Target the right content for the right platform

Prioritize the social media strategies relevant to your business

Social media marketing
Online Advertising
Want to try paid ads? We’ll guide you.

Online Advertising

Understand the costs, benefits, and risks of paid ads

Align campaigns with your business goals

Learn how to set up your campaigns properly

Maximize your chances for success

Want your products shown  across the web? Done.
Facebook, Instagram & Google Shopping

Showcase your products where it matters

Sync your store with FB, Google, & Insta

Gain visibility on social media without paid ads

Sell your products through multiple platforms

Facebook, Instagram & Google Shopping set up
Reputation management
Ready to be a 5-star business? Yes, you are!

Reputation management

Get 10 five-star reviews in a month

Control how you appear online

Manage your presence on the platforms relevant to your business

Gain insight into your competitors’ performance

Slavi customer from UENI


Perun Roofing

It's only been 6 months or so since UENI built my site and ROl is over 2500% - hands down best money | ever spent. The monthly growth sessions have been enlightening and edits are quick and easy whether you do them yourself or by their dedicated teams. If you need a good site for your new or growing business, get a UENI site. Excellent SEO and visibility, highly personalized services, and best of all - regular monthly meetings with a dedicated account manager. Many thanks!

Follow the program and grown your business

UENI Growth member results

*Google rankings and website traffic increases depend on many factors. While UENI doesn't guarantee results like this for everyone, your chances increase significantly by implementing the strategies described in the UENI Growth service.

China Friend ranks #1 on Google Search and Google Maps

China Friend

Ranks #1 on Google Search and Google Maps for Chinese restaurant Barking

$150,000 in website sales

4,400 customers served

650+ Google reviews 4.4

3,000 website views

Spokane Taxi ranks #1 on Google Search and Google Maps

Spokane Taxi

Ranks #1 for Taxi Spokane on Google Search & Google Maps

350 bookings

1,220 messages

87+ Google reviews 4.5

4,000 phone calls

Tony's Pizza ranks #1 on Google Search and Google Maps

Tony's Pizza Bros

Ranks on page 1 of Google Search for pizza, Camarillo

2,000+ leads

350+ Google reviews 4.3

2,500 phone calls

Why is Growth quickly becoming UENI’s most popular plan?

Because every business owner needs a marketer in their corner.


Troy A.

Trustpilot 5 stars



Building your dream on the internet…

Building your dream on the internet takes a team either yours OR an outside group of experts. The latter is what I found. Every step of the way I found help and guidance to adjust and help in my dream. We are not totally done if ever but, I know I will keep my UENI team in my journey. The blog service alone pays big dividends for such a small monthly charge including my edits and marketing help. Thanks UENI


Sherrie S.

Trustpilot 5 stars



Dani B is the bomb!!! UENI is so worth it!!

Dani B. from UENI has really made my work life so much easier. She is so patient with me in helping me understand how to use the website, SEO’s, social media and marketing strategies……UENI really is the whole package and so worth it. I tried building my own website but found it to be overwhelming and so time consuming I wasn’t able to spend much time on my businesses!! Now, my website is ridiculously awesome, more than I could have imagined!! And I can easily spend more time on my businesses while gaining followers on my social media and website…..thank you UENI!!


Travis G.

Trustpilot 5 stars



You can know nothing about web design, and still show up in Google because of their work

I am not good at all with Marketing or SEO’s (I’m not even sure I know what that means still) but that just goes to show you how good this team is. I don’t have to know what it is yet. They still make it better. I personally work with Mirko and he’s been nothing but phenomenal with my account and patient with me. All my ideas he works with. I trust his decisions 100% and it’s benefited me. You can’t beat the price and the ease of updates, especially with them doing literally all the work for you. For a small start up business, and trust me, I did my research, UENI was the way to go, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. It might seem steep but trust me and go with the growth package. It will benefit your business so much more and no I’m not trying to sell anything.


Cynthia D.

Trustpilot 5 stars



The monthly growth calls are great!

The monthly growth calls are a great knowledge and SME support resource. As a new business owner. I am learning the ins and outs of marketing, and it is a broad field. Therefore, having someone like Oliver supporting my business and helping me develop ideas is a great resource! Highly recommended for those just starting out or those who are experienced but would like an extra set of eyes or professional perspective on your side.


Lane V.

Trustpilot 5 stars



UENI-Unique, Useful and Helpful For Everyone!

First, I LOVE the website and so do my "customers!"Second, I love the monthly "growth" calls (for helping me to grow my business), and third, I have support for any change or question through e-mail, chat, etc. I think these things are what makes UENI unique, usable, and the best website company for any business-regardless of size!


Demetrius K.

Trustpilot 5 stars



I've enjoyed working with Adolfo Ramirez for about a year.

the experience has been transformative for my website. Adolfo's expertise in SEO is nothing short of game-changing. With his help, my website, SMK Medical, has climbed to the first page of Google results. Don't just take my word for it – a quick search will show impressive results. Adolfo is a true artist in marketing and branding, blending creativity with technical skills to produce outstanding outcomes. I highly recommend Adolfo and UENI to anyone looking to elevate their online presence!

VIP marketing service

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