30 Exceptional Accounting Websites

accountant popping out of a website

A survey undertaken by Clutch.co revealed that more than one-third of small businesses still do not have a website.

In other words, there are still a significant number of small business owners who either do not yet have faith in what the Internet can do for them or simply aren’t aware of the potential benefits.

What benefits? Consider: A website operates as a 24-hour advertisement, allows a business to sell products or take bookings online, lets the business to be found on search engines and provides many other promotional opportunities.

What’s more, developments over the last several years have increasingly lowered the financial and technical barriers. There are multiple DIY options available to build a website, however you’ll be required to have the knowledge and the time to build it yourself. UENI takes that pain out and builds affordable yet professional websites for small businesses.

So, we know that websites are a crucial piece of the puzzle for businesses, but how can you tell if a website is any good? This article seeks to provide an answer to that question through the lens of accounting businesses.

First, we’ll discuss some of the essential guiding principles for building a website, then we’ll take a look at 30 exceptional examples of accounting websites and discuss what exactly makes them so excellent.

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We'll create your small business website to help you grow online

Website Design Fundamentals

Not only do different businesses require different websites, but it can also be somewhat difficult to know what features a particular business website should include. These decisions will be driven by the type of business as well as the customer base.

An accountant’s website, for example, is less likely to need a “shop online” button than an online clothing store.

Before we look at the specific features of our 30 examples, it is important to look at some guiding principles.

Know Who Your Website is For

First and foremost, the website needs to take stock of its target audience. To be successful, business owners need to be aware of their primary customers and what that group’s general likes and dislikes are.

Knowing your target market will help you understand the layout of your website, from the overall design to the features. Every website should always seek to maximise its appeal to its target demographic.

The Design

Accounting Example website
Confian Pay, created by UENI

The design is another crucial consideration. A website often represents a business’ first opportunity to make a good impression, and the page’s appearance has a significant impact on the customer’s opinion.

If a website isn’t attractive or easy to use, users are likely to make negative assumptions about the business, such as that its products or services are of poor quality, that the owner of the business doesn’t know what he or she is doing, or even that the website itself may not be secure.


usability of an accounting website

Good design is not just about appearance. It is also about making the website as easy to use as possible. A good website should be clear and simple, with intuitive functions. Call to action buttons should stand out so that they are visible, and sections for navigating the website should be clearly labelled so that it is easy to get around.

If users find a website to be beautiful and easy to use, they are more likely to remain on it, which increases the probability that they will purchase a product, no matter if it is a good or service. Remember, a good website reflects well on the business, so if a user likes a website, they will probably like the business too.


We'll create your small business website to help you grow online

30 excellent examples of websites for accountants

rubicon indiana example of accounting website
RubiCon Indiana, created by UENI

UENI’s accounting websites focus on three fundamental elements that all websites should incorporate: a beautiful appearance, excellent content and user-friendliness. This website utilises a clean, minimalist design that has broad appeal and makes the website approachable while at the same time having all the functionality an accounting website requires.

A prominent navigation bar at the top of the page offers visitors a simple way of locating the various pages and information. At the same time, the written content is accurate and concise. UENI websites use high-resolution imagery to reinforce the website’s aesthetics and provide visual information regarding the services or products on offer.

This website utilises a single scrolling page design that allows users to intuitively scroll on to the next section of the website rather than load a new page. Not only does this have a positive impact on the website’s efficiency because users do not have to wait for pages to load, but it also means that the key details are readily available. A single scrolling page design makes for a website that is effortless to use, producing a better user experience.

The features below are incorporated into all of UENI’s accounting websites:

  • Images: High-resolution photographs make the website beautiful to look at and contextualise the products or services that the business is offering.
  • Content: Customised content that is original, articulate and precise. Written content welcomes the visitor to the website, ensures that users understand the details of the products or services, and outlines the business’ story or mission.
  • Services: UENI websites feature a ‘services’ page which concisely sets out the services on offer, with functionality to allow users to seek further details if interested. Online booking allows visitors to request services or contact the business without having to leave the page or do anything further.
  • Map: An interactive map is integrated into the landing page, allowing users to effortlessly pinpoint the location of the business.
  • Opening hours: The business’ opening hours are displayed in a clear, digestible format.
  • Additional services and support: In addition to the features detailed above, UENI will set up a listing on Google My Business, as well as listings on appropriate online business directories. UENI also handles the technical details, including search engine optimisation (to ensure the business and its website place at or near the top in search engine results) and general maintenance of the website. Finally, UENI can also provide hosting for the website on Google cloud servers, ensuring a fast, reliable service.