Spaces Feature: The Multi Page Functionality of Your UENI Website

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Table of Contents What is a multi-page feature? At UENI, we try to keep things simple. That is why we primarily design scrollable one-page websites. Customers will find it easier to navigate because the information is easy to find, and everything is contained within a single Space. However, there may be times when a separate […]

How to Advertise Your Business Effectively: Routes and Strategies for Growth

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While word of mouth is an excellent resource for small businesses, being able to confidently advertise the company on social media and through paid search is a great way to start growing your business beyond your base. There are many marketing channels you can use when it comes to effectively advertising your business. Identifying and […]

7 Website Features Every Small Business Needs To Succeed

List of website features for small businesses

Is a good looking website all you need for your business to grow? Wrong. A pretty website alone won’t guarantee your business success.  To achieve your goals, you must make sure you have the following seven essentials in place. Get a done-for-you powerful website made by UENI! Learn More » Table of Contents Great Usability and Design Web […]

How to grow your business online: 7 ways you can make it to the next level

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Your business needs customers, and in order to get customers, you need to promote your business. In the good ol’ days, this was just a matter of deciding between a flyer, a brochure, a postcard, or an ad in the local newspaper. In today’s digital world, the possibilities are endless. This could make the task of picking the […]