Top 20 UK local business directories: discover how they can help your business

Before we had the internet when telephones were king, it was essential for businesses to be listed in the phone directory and specialist guides like the Yellow Pagesю However, in the era of the world wide web and with the advent of social media, those old-fashioned directories have largely become obsolete. On the other hand, […]

Spaces Feature: The Multi Page Functionality of Your UENI Website

Image of three pages of a website, and the title of the post on top

Table of Contents What is a multi-page feature? At UENI, we try to keep things simple. That is why we primarily design scrollable one-page websites. Customers will find it easier to navigate because the information is easy to find, and everything is contained within a single Space. However, there may be times when a separate […]

How to Advertise Your Business Effectively: Routes and Strategies for Growth

woman coming out of a mobile mobile phone with a megaphone on her hand

While word of mouth is an excellent resource for small businesses, being able to confidently advertise the company on social media and through paid search is a great way to start growing your business beyond your base. There are many marketing channels you can use when it comes to effectively advertising your business. Identifying and […]