Tips and Tricks To Make Your Google My Business Stand Out

A laptop on a desk open to Google

According to most SEO experts, there’s nothing more impactful for Local SEO than a robust, fully fleshed out Google My Business. In fact, even if you’re a small business owner yourself, you probably have a good idea about what makes one Google My Business better than another – because you’re a human being, which means […]

How To: Set Up A Website For Free

Graphic of a Website Set Up Team

As the Internet has expanded to every facet of all of our lives, building your own website has never been easier. Gone are the days where you had to learn to code or pay a fortune for a web designer to create a page for you. Not only is it as easy as it’s ever […]

UENI Reviews: Where To Find Them Online

UENI logo and icons of reviews

Whenever you hear about a new product or service, it’s natural to search for reviews on the Internet. No matter if it’s a smartphone, a new film, or a company promising to do something better than anyone else – people want to know what other people think of the thing on offer. At UENI, we’re […]