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Are you struggling with setting up a domain for your website? It can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t have any prior experience. However, fear not! This guide covers the most common issues you may face when setting up a domain for your UENI website. 

First things first, do you have a domain?

I don’t have a domain and I want to purchase one

A custom domain name is your website’s address on the web. It helps people find you online, making your website look more reputable and professional. You can put it on business cards, documents, and marketing materials –  anywhere people can see it. UENI’s subscription plans – Basic, Plus and Growth – include a domain name for your business.

Here’s a quick video explaining the process.

And if you need further help, read our HelpDesk on this subject.

I already have a domain name purchased outside UENI

First, make sure that you have purchased a domain name from a domain registrar. Once you have done that, you must configure your domain’s DNS settings. This is a crucial step in the process as it points your domain name to your UENI website.

Here’s a quick video explaining the process:

DNS and Nameservers

Next, you will need to configure your website’s DNS settings. This is the most important bit – and maybe the most confusing one. You will need to ensure that your domain provider has the correct DNS settings to point your domain to your UENI website.

We have detailed instructions for the most common domain providers:

If yours is not on the list, you can for sure find instructions to update the nameservers in our HelpDesk

Finally, please note that it may take some time for the new settings to take effect – the new mapping from domain name to your UENI website needs to propagate to the entire Internet.

Additional Domain Configurations

Once you have purchased or connected a domain to your UENI website, you can access our advanced DNS editor to perform additional configurations: this can be used to set up a custom email server or verify your domain with third-party services. You access the DNS Management through you Business Hub, Pro Features and clicking the “Edit DNS” link in each listed domain. 

You can read a complete walkthrough in our HelpDesk

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