Most Small Businesses Still Don’t Have a web domain

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A new survey by UENI has revealed that the vast majority of small businesses in the UK and US do not have their own websites.

The survey, of over 5,000 businesses across the United States and United Kingdom, showed that 75 per cent of small businesses in the UK and 80 per cent of small businesses in the US were yet to own their own domain.

Christine Telyan, CEO of UENI, said: “UENI’s mission is to help small businesses to succeed online, and having a domain is the starting point to gaining online visibility.

“But many small businesses don’t realise is that technology is making it far easier to have an online presence.

“These days, businesses can even achieve visibility in Google in a matter of minutes, given the right tools.”

The full results of the UK and US surveys are listed below.

Businesses were asked if they had their own website. 

UK Results

Out of those 1929 small businesses, 275 (14%) did not know the meaning of ‘domain name’.

US Results

Out of those 4129 small businesses, 658 (16%) did not know the meaning of ‘domain name’.

This survey was carried out in September 2019.

UENI’s previous survey revealed small businesses struggle to gain visibility

For Local Business Week 2019, UENI ran a separate survey, which determined that small businesses struggle to gain visibility online. 

Our results revealed that three in four independent businesses struggle to gain visibility online, with many believing that Google favours bigger brands, no surprise when they tend to have so much more budget for boosting their online presence.

You can see the full results at:

If you’re struggling to gain visibility for your small business, UENI can help. Visit our homepage to find out the options for your business.

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