Who is the US Entrepreneurs’ Entrepreneur?

Who are the most inspirational entrepreneurs in the USA? We ran a survey to find out the answer.  UPDATED ON 12 NOVEMBER, 2019 Our survey asked over 1700 small businesses in the USA to name an entrepreneur that inspired them. Microsoft boss Bill Gates was voted America’s most inspirational business leader, followed by Oprah Winfrey. […]

Most inspiring entrepreneurs for British poll results

The Virgin Boss reigns supreme as the UK’s most inspiring entrepreneur, with Lord Sugar second. However, many Brits are taking inspiration from the US, with seven Americans in the top ten. Richard Branson (14% votes) Alan Sugar (9% votes) Bill Gates (3% votes) Elon Musk (3% votes) Steve Jobs (2% votes) ‘Me’  (2% votes) Mark Zuckerberg (2% votes) […]

Most Small Businesses Still Don’t Have a web domain

web domain small business survey

A new survey by UENI has revealed that the vast majority of small businesses in the UK and US do not have their own websites. The survey, of over 5,000 businesses across the United States and United Kingdom, showed that 75 per cent of small businesses in the UK and 80 per cent of small […]

World’s Best Business Locations: The Shortlist & Winners

As a freelancers, sole traders and small businesses, we know that many of our customers work in truly fabulous locations across the globe. So, in June 2019, we launched a competition to find the World’s Best Business Locations, to highlight the extraordinary beauty in the places people spend their days. We received hundreds of entries […]

World’s Best Business Locations – UENI Contest

Worlds Best Business Locations

As a freelancer, small business or sole trader, you can work in some fantastic locations, be it on the beach with your laptop, on a balcony with a great view, or simply in an office which always makes you smile. Send us a snap or even a selfie of your favourite place to work or do business.