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We’re on a mission to help local business owners get discovered online.

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UENI’s mission is simple: bring local businesses online.

When asked, most small business owners recognise the importance of being online. And yet, so many small businesses don’t have a website that works, and they struggle to maintain a relevant online presence. The time, cost, and complexity of getting online have been significant barriers for small businesses to get online and grow.

And yet, while so many small businesses don’t have a meaningful online presence, more than 90% of consumers consult search engines before they make a purchase. So while most of us go online to find a business, most businesses cannot be found online. UENI aims to change this by giving every small business access to customers searching online.

Every month, UENI delivers to thousands of businesses a free, fully built online presence that enables them to sell their products and accept bookings for their services from day one.

5 ways UENI is dramatically different to any website builder you have seen before:
UENI builds the website for the small business - we are NOT a do it yourself website builder.
5 ways UENI is dramatically different to any website builder you have seen before:
UENI combines technology and operational processes. Robots, meet humans.
5 ways UENI is dramatically different to any website builder you have seen before:
The website is transactional from day 1: the business can make sales and take bookings as soon as he receives his website.
5 ways UENI is dramatically different to any website builder you have seen before:
UENI partners with companies that offer great tools built for small businesses.
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UENI makes an IMPACT

Our Mission

Easy & low-cost online presence
UENI was founded in 2014 to provide small businesses with an easy, low-cost way to get online and get new customers. We saw that the biggest pain points for small business owners was that they don’t have much time to build their online presence, they don’t have much money to spend on digital advertising, and they don’t want to navigate the complexity of what it means to be online today.
Specifically for small business owners
So we built something specifically for small business owners. Unlike website builders or digital agencies, UENI delivers a fully built website and listings on trusted, high traffic platforms at a low cost. In fact, our starter product is free. Our product recognizes how busy small business owners are, so we set up as much as possible to get your online presence launched. We also connect small businesses with the resources they need to succeed, whether it is company formation, business insurance, loans, accounting solutions and much more.
New businesses empowered
Small and micro businesses need to be empowered. They need financing, they need staff, they need an inviting storefront or van, and they need access to customers searching online. We at UENI are proud to have the chance to help the millions of local and family-run businesses compete by giving them a platform online.

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