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UENI makes it easy

We build and manage your online presence for as little as £1 a day

Not just a website

We build everything you need to bring your business online.

Connect with your customers

Be on the largest social networks, rank high in local search engine results, and present your location to customers on Google Maps.

Secure & up-to-date

We do all the setup, maintenance and optimisation. You track your online growth with easy-to-read analytics.

Easy to launch

We’ll just need a minute of your time. Then you can sit back, relax and watch your business grow

How it works


We collect information about small businesses

By checking public records and collecting information on foot, we’ve built a huge catalogue of local businesses all over Europe. We use this information to create each business a website, which you can activate at any time.


You search for your company name

If you own a local, service-based business in Europe, there’s a good chance we have already built a website for you. So far we have built 3,526,416 business websites and we are just getting started! If you don’t see your business, don’t worry. We can build it for you in 15 minutes. Once you sign up, we then create your presence on several other important platforms.


Sign up & finalise

After a quick chat to confirm your details, we’ll have you ready to get online. You can start attracting new customers straight away!


Ready-made websites built so far...

Before signing-up with UENI, I found the process of bringing my business online very overwhelming. But now, after a few months, I’m getting new customers from my website all the time. I highly recommend UENI!

Toksen Sripai Massage Therapy


Getting a website for my business is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, but I always suspected doing it well would be too expensive for me to afford. UENI proved me wrong. I love my sleek website and so do my customers!

Bebes Reborn


It's amazing how my business has grown since I've been with UENI. My customers find me from almost anywhere, and sales have risen accordingly.

VS Mobile


I always thought getting a professional website would prove a long and painful process. I just had no time for that. So I was extremely happy when UENI contacted me with my website already built and looking great. It has everything I need—a booking system, linked social media profiles, Google verification—and I didn’t have to do anything..

Nostalgie Films, Transferts & Numérisation


Getting a website was always in the back of my mind, but never a top priority. Mostly I think because it always seemed to be a very expensive hassle. But UENI’s approach was just what I needed to finally get my business online. And the customers keep rolling in!

Ruby Nails


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