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UENI is a Hammersmith, London based limited company which was founded in 2014 with the goal of providing an easy, low cost solution for small businesses to get online and get new customers through digital advertising. Time, cost, and complexity are the key barriers which prevent many small businesses in Europe from going online. To solve this challenge, UENI sends people to small businesses across Europe to capture information about them including images, location, contact information, opening hours, services offered and prices. UENI structures this information and creates a website for them. So far, UENI has visited 200,000 small businesses across 9 countries and 40 cities in Europe and created a digital presence for these businesses.

UENI focuses on businesses offering services, with broad coverage from beauty to health, pet care to automotive. UENI's solution is to deliver a comprehensible, ready-made solution, where UENI does all the work and the small businesses get the benefits without having to put any effort, or spending any time on it. Small businesses can sign-up or upgrade to an advanced UENI website, which has booking capability and enables consumers to book services directly from the website. Business owners get notifications for new bookings through text and email.


Anh Pham Vu

Anh was previously a senior director at a major European Private Equity Fund and, prior to that a management consultant. His experience includes investing into tech companies, building business plans, leading operational and IT carve-out teams, and serving as a board member of portfolio companies. Anh speaks 12 languages and has an MBA from Harvard.

Christine Telyan

Christine's expertise is building new markets from scratch. She previously managed business development for a multinational company where she established billion dollar trading partnerships. She is a graduate of Harvard College, the London School of Economics and Harvard Business School.

Christophe Spanier

Christophe has been working many years at large investment banks in Sales. He has built and managed a large international salesforce for a start-up in capital markets, which is today a successful multi-billion market cap company. Christophe has over 12 years experience, he obtained a Master degree from ESCP-EAP.
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