7 Website Features Every Small Business Needs To Succeed

List of website features for small businesses

Is a good looking website all you need for your business to grow? Wrong. A pretty website alone won’t guarantee your business success. 

To achieve your goals, you must make sure you have the following seven essentials in place.

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Table of Contents

Great Usability and Design

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Web design can make or break your brand. Think of web design as the first impression you’ll make on your target audience. The right design can help your customers understand what you’re about and what you have to offer, while a poor design can drive them away.

But good design is more than just looks. It’s also about making your website easy to use. A good website should be clear, simple, and intuitive.

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Ease of Use

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To keep customers coming in and going back to your website again, you need to keep it updated. You might want to change the prices of your products or services, or you might want to add new products.

You can’t rely on hiring an expensive developer to do it for you every time. So, your website should have a very easy to use editor, so you can do all the small tweaks you need without spending a lot of time or money on it.

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Fast And Secure Hosting

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When people are faced with a frustratingly slow website, they will lose interest and leave. If you want to gain new visitors, you need web hosting that won’t slow down your site. Web hosting speed can be the difference between retaining or losing potential customers.

A successful SQL injection attack could cost you all of your site’s data, and building a new site would be a costly, time-consuming endeavour.

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Optimized Text For Google

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If your website has optimized text, you will have more opportunities to attract traffic to your site. People are always searching for information on the Internet, and if yours is one of the top search results, people will find it.

You may have probably heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a term to describe the art of optimizing website text for search engines. A website without SEO is like a car without gas: it won’t go far.

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Ready to Take Online Payments

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Your website needs to be e-commerce enabled. Chances are you will be selling your products or services online, and you will need a website with a shopping cart enabled that gives visitors different payment options.

If you offer services over the internet, it will be worth your while to integrate a booking system into your website. Usability is essential—your visitors will want to make reservations with only a few clicks of the mouse.

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Option to Sync Facebook and Instagram

The reality is, social media isn’t actually free. Moneywise, maybe. But time-wise, not in the slightest. Regularly updating your profiles takes hours out of your day.

Being able to sync your main social media profiles with your website can bring some much needed efficiency to your operations.

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Integration With Third Party Tools

Now that you have built a website that has the key elements to provide a great user experience, you may find that new solutions or very specific tools may improve your site’s features.

For this reason, you need a flexible website that lets you integrate third party tools easily. For example, you should be able to insert a Facebook Messenger chat button, or connect your website to an email automation tool.

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Wrap up: Website features for small businesses

If you already own a website, ensure yours covers all the features listed in this article. If you still haven’t got yours, you now know what to look for when creating your website.

Should you need any help with your small business website, we will cover all of these items and many more to make your business succeed.

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