How To Get The Most Out Of UENI’s Google Ad Credits

One of the most exciting features of signing up to a premium UENI plan is the ability to use Google Ads to spread the word about your business. When you buy Google Ad Credits through our offer in your Hub, we’ll nearly double it for you: giving you twice as much for your buck.

Google Ads allows users to target specific keywords or search terms that are key to your industry, expanding your reach and getting your business more visibility through increased store visits, website traffic, and customer interactions.

First, we’ll explain how to activate the credits through your UENI Hub.

Please note: This feature is currently only available to Plus and Reputation plan clients in the USA, UK, Spain, Mexico and Brazil

How to activate Google Ad Credit on UENI

Once you’re logged into the hub, follow these steps:

  1. Head to your Pro Features section and scroll down until you see the Google Ad Credit button
  2. Click on it and you’ll see the option to redeem your credits
  3. Once you click redeem, a personal promotion code will be sent to your UENI registered email account.

Make sure to check your inbox to confirm that you’ve received your brand new Google ad credit code.

Set up your Google Ads Account

Once you’ve got your Google Ad credit code, head over to Google Ads and click Start Now:

  • Then, enter the email you’d like to use to sign into your new Google Ads account (if you already have a Gmail account holder, you can use your existing Google email address)
  • Enter the website address for the business that you want to advertise
  • Click Continue
  • Sign in to your existing Google account, or create a new one

Well done – your business is almost ready to start sending ads!

Important: To set up your Google ads account, you’ll need to sign in to your existing Google Account or create a new one. If you don’t have an existing Google account, or wish to use a different email to sign in, just click Create an account at the bottom of the screen and follow instructions to establish your new Google account.

The Best Ways to use Google Ads

Now that you’re ready to go, here are some helpful tips for using Google Ads to its maximum potential. We’ve got some tips from Google themselves, as well as some great notes from professional online marketers to keep in mind.

What Google Says

According to Google themselves, Google Ads are designed to help your business with one of three things:

  • Get more calls to your business
  • Increase visits to your store
  • Drive people to your website

These ads can also be targeted to a specific area if you’re a locally-focused business, or globally if you’re a shop that’s looking for national or global reach.

More About Google Ads from Google:

How Google Ads works

Your ad can appear when someone searches for terms related to your product or service, or when they’re on a website with content related to your business. How does this work?

Keywords connect you with customers

Keywords are words or phrases you choose when you set up your Google Ads campaign. These are terms you think your potential customers are likely to use when searching for products or services like yours.

By matching your keywords with the ads you create, you make it possible for your ad to show when someone searches for similar terms, or visits a website with related content.

For example, if you deliver fresh flowers, you could use fresh flower delivery as one keyword paired with an ad promoting fresh flower delivery. When someone searches Google using the phrase fresh flower delivery or a similar term, your ad might appear next to Google search results, or on other websites related to fresh flower delivery.

Source: Google

Looking for More? Check Out Google’s Guide to Online Marketing to see how to best make Google Ads work for your business.

What The Experts Say

A Video Overview

If you want a quick overview of how Google Ads works from someone who’s not affiliated with Google, this video from Surfside PPC does a great job of explaining the process in an easy way for anyone to understand – plus it’s fairly short, so if you have 10 minutes to set aside, this video can help you quickly understand some of the concepts if you’re struggling with Google’s explanations.


Tips To Working With Google Ads

On the other side of the coin, this excellent guide from expert Dana DiTomaso will help you once you’ve got some familiarity with Google Ads. Definitely read the whole thing, but here are three key points that we think you should absolutely keep in mind.

  1. Be careful of using too many keywords
  2. How to pick the right keyword match type
  3. Double Check Your Advanced Location Settings

Wrapping Up

We hope this guide has helped you learn a bit about how to take advantage of our Google Ads offer, as well as teaching you a bit about how Google Ads works.

To start checking out how Google Ads can help grow your business (or to sign up for one of our Premium Plans), log in to your UENI account and explore your Ad Credit Voucher here.

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