Live Customer Chat for Your Business with WhatsApp

One of the most common requests we get from our clients is the ability to have live chat functionality with their customers – and we’re happy to report that we can offer this through an integration with the popular WhatsApp messaging application.

This functionality is available for all of our plans, including our free Starter subscription.

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What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a free end-to-end encrypted messaging service used by over 1 billion people each day, which means it’s a safe, secure way to message between two users. You don’t need to add each other as contacts, and you can choose when to accept messages – making it the preferred messaging service in many countries.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Photo by Alok Sharma from Pexels

Because of its widespread popularity and ease-of-use, WhatApp is a great way for you to get in touch with your customers or vice versa. The rule of thumb when it comes to customer service is to be where your customers are, and just like social media, there’s a high likelihood that your customers are on WhatsApp.

In other words, you can reach your customers where they spend all of their time (and where few of your competitors are reaching them). That means it’s a high-value, low-competition way of getting an edge over other businesses like yours.

Not only that, but customers prefer it! A survey from Commbox found that

      • 80% of customers show increased loyalty to companies that are easy to contact.

      • 45% of customers prefer a chat service, while only 23% prefer email, and only 18% prefer social media.

      • 70% of customers will choose to message rather than call.

      • Customers trust companies more when they have a messaging option available.

    And this makes sense, right? If you’re willing to be there for your customers quickly and politely,

    Using Whatsapp For Customer Support

    The biggest benefit of WhatsApp for customers is that it’s a much easier way for them to get in touch with you compared to a phone call or filling out a contact form. Additionally, it allows for an easier, more flexible conversation than email (which tends to be more formal). If the customer has a question about a shipping estimation during the COVID slowdown, they can get in touch with you directly over text.

    As a business owner, getting a notification directly to your phone via the app also means you’ll be able to provide timely replies and responses to your customers – an excellent way of making sure that you’re really able to give them the kind of exemplary service that makes them come back time and time again.

    Using WhatsApp for Customer Communication

    Whether it’s a customer service issue or a sales follow up, WhatsApp allows you an easier way of communicating than phone calls or emails. No one likes cold calls, and how often do people really check their emails every day? Instead, a quick message about the specifics of an order or a follow-up offer for a recurring customer can be sent via text message, which is more likely to get a response from your clients.

    Want to let your customer know that their order has just shipped? Use WhatsApp.

    Want to wish one of your customers a happy holiday and let them know about your latest sales? Use WhatsApp.

    Easy, convenient, and accessible directly from your website. What’s not to like?


    We'll create your small business website to help you grow online

    How To Set Up WhatsApp on Your Page

    To enable your WhatsApp contact button on your site, just watch our easy video explanation below or read on for further instructions:

    Here’s how to enable your Whatsapp Buttons:

      1. Log into your Hub and Click on Edit Website
      2. Go to Sections, then select Header
      3. Scroll down to the ‘Show WhatsApp number’ and click the checkbox to turn on WhatsApp Messaging, then hit save:


    That’s it! Your customers will be now able to get in touch with you via Whatsapp!

    How It Looks

    If you want to see how it looks on our different templates, check out these example pages below:

    WhatsApp on The Modern Theme
    The WhatsApp Button on a UENI Modern Theme

    Check out our Barbershop here, and learn more about The Modern Theme here.

    WhatsApp on The Natural Theme

    Check out our Hairdresser here, and learn more about the Natural Theme here.

    WhatsApp on The Classic Theme

    Check out our Jewellery Store here and learn more about the Classic Theme here.

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