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If you’re planning on building a brand new website for your business, you may find yourself considering a website building platform like Wix. Wix is one of the most popular, widely used website builders around. While it does have some excellent features, Wix can be restrictive for certain website owners. Plus, there are plenty of other Wix alternatives that can offer specific features that will make your website really stand out.

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Why you might want to choose an alternative to Wix

At a first glance, Wix may look like the perfect choice for building your website. It has a customizable website builder that’s easy to use and requires no coding skills. It has over 200 million users. So, why would you want to consider Wix alternatives?

The simple answer is that while Wix is fine, it’s not always the best option.

If you have specific needs to fulfil with your website, another website builder may offer the features and setup you need.

The 3 best Wix alternatives and who should use them

We’ve picked our top three alternatives to Wix based on who they’re best suited for. Every website builder has its pros and cons, so you should choose yours based on your own unique needs.

For small businesses: UENI

UENI is a powerful website building tool that’s best suited for small businesses that are hoping to build up an online presence.

Unlike Wix, you won’t have to do as much of the heavy lifting when it comes to website building. Simply answer a few questions about your business, provide some images and product descriptions, and your website will be delivered to you, complete with professional copywriting and coding.

From there, you’ll be able to edit your website yourself using a simple user-friendly tool.

What makes UENI so great for small businesses is that you can buy and sell products from day one with no listing or transactional fees, something you can’t find on Wix.

Small businesses don’t always have a huge budget for their website, so the Lifetime Deal that UENI offers, where you pay once and get free hosting forever, is the perfect solution.

For blogs: WordPress

wordpress dashboard
WordPress dashboard

WordPress is a hugely popular website building platform known for its easy-to-use dashboard and its simple, blog-friendly themes. WordPress makes it easy to build an attractive website and make frequent posts.

The platform has plenty of excellent add-ons and extensions so that you can further customize your website. For instance, you can use an add-on to create an online shop or you can select an add-on to improve each page’s SEO.

While WordPress itself is free to use, you’ll need to pay for hosting and a domain name.

If you’re planning on starting an online business with lots of editorial content and you don’t mind spending a little extra time finding your way around the dashboard, WordPress might be the best pick for your blog.

For a simple, crisp website: Squarespace

When it comes to sleek, stylish themes, Squarespace is often thought to be the go-to website builder. Squarespace makes it easy to add pre-designed “blocks” to a page to create a unique page flow. Add an image, a quote, a block of text, a form, and so on. Squarespace is fairly restrictive and pretty formulaic, but it’s fast, easy, and hard to mess up.

Squarespace also gives you the option to create a blog and an eCommerce store, so while it’s not the most affordable option, it’s fairly versatile in terms of what kinds of businesses it can support.

Essentially, Wix is a good option if you want a clean, crisp website built from a simple template – but there are Wix alternatives that can offer much more.


We’ll create your small business website to help you grow online


Wix alternatives are everywhere, but why pay to build your own website?

Wix crying because there are better alternatives

With many DIY website builders like Wix, your website is where their service ends.

Sure, you can quickly build an attractive and affordable DIY website.

But what happens when you want to link your website to your social media profiles or when you need to get your business ranking higher on Google Search and Google Maps?

A great website floating around in cyberspace is of no use on its own.

Succeeding online requires a more holistic approach, and many small business owners find that they just don’t have the time to learn the intricacies of all the other channels available to them online. This leaves their business’ online presence incomplete and their website dormant unless they invest in further digital marketing services elsewhere.

Here’s how UENI works:

At UENI, we don’t just build you a sleek and professional website.

We provide you with all the tools to create a meaningful online presence – from search engines to social media integration to your online reputation – and all of it is customized for your business.

  1. Once you sign up, we’ll build you a professional website that makes it easy for customers to buy your products, book your services, or get in touch. This happens in 7 days or less.
  2. We also set up your Google Business profile along with your website, allowing you to collect Google Reviews from your customers and get far greater visibility in Google search and Google Maps results.
  3. When your website is live, we’ll send you an email. You can jump into our website editor to make any tweaks you like or to add more information.

That’s it. It’s that simple. You’ll have a sales-ready website that can accept payments, schedule bookings, and show off everything that makes your business great.

You don’t need hours, days, and weeks to create a professional website for your business. There’s no need to mess about with time-consuming drag-and-drop website builders or struggle with what text to write or what sections to create.

Once your business is rolling and you can afford to reinvest some money in your website, our Premium Plans will help you grow your business even further with features like:

  • Done-for-you website edits
  • Done-for-you third party integrations (such as Typeform, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and many more)
  • Advanced Google Business Optimization.
  • Listing your business in 50+ directories
  • Optimize your website on an ongoing basis to rank higher in the search engines results.

Why you need more than just a website

Three images: a videocall, a website and a google map with a pin

Getting online is easy. But succeeding online is a completely different kettle of fish – a fact I’m sure many small businesses are more than aware of.

There are many DIY website builders – way more than WordPress, Squarespace or Wix – which offer small businesses an affordable way of getting a website.

With such a crowded field, it can be baffling for business owners trying to decide which option is right for them. The truth is, most people go with Wix because they’re a huge company, which means they can spend a ton on advertising.

But just because they have the deepest pockets doesn’t mean they’re the best option.

In fact, I’m going to let you in on a little secret about succeeding online.

At UENI, we love building fabulous websites, but succeeding online is not just about your website, it’s about curating a full, 360° online presence. We have a 3 ingredient recipe to make this happen.

Why you need an online presence

Your target market is looking for products and services like yours on all sorts of sector-specific platforms and social media; if you don’t have a presence there, then you’re already losing business.

In today’s digital smartphone-driven culture customers now expect businesses to be in more places than one. Having a good online presence and sharing content with your customers via multiple platforms online has many benefits including:

  • Adding value to the service you provide
  • Building your brand and reputation
  • Showing your business’s human side
  • Providing more channels for customer engagement and communication
  • Making your business accessible to a wider audience

If you’re ready to start finding new clients online then there’s no point doing it half-heartedly.

Make The Best Choice For Your Business

Once you choose a website builder, it can be hard to switch to an alternative, so it’s pretty important that you find a solution that ticks all of your boxes. While Wix is a fantastic option for some people, it isn’t always the best.

Getting online and maintaining your online presence is about more than simply owning a website. You need to be in multiple places and constantly updating your presence according to new trends and tools that become available.

This is where UENI prides itself on standing out. Rather than just creating your website and then leaving you to your own devices, we’ll help you build and maintain a holistic online presence that will be a real credit to your business.

Whether you’re a beginner, a small business, or a new blogger, we hope you’ve found the Wix alternative that gives you everything you need.

Find out more about how UENI works, and get started today.

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