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When you sign up for a UENI page, you’ve got a fully-featured service interface at your fingertips. For many businesses, services are the cornerstone of their existence – a painter makes money by painting, a massage therapist provides massages, and so forth.

That’s why our platform is designed to help you show off your services! Each service prominently features everything you need to make it as attractive to customers as possible: great photos, excellent descriptions, comprehensive pricing and (most importantly) the ability to book these services based around your opening hours.

What about businesses who don’t have regular working hours during the week, like companies or people who work on projects, rather than short sessions? You can replace the standard Booking button (which works with your listed opening hours) with a Get In Touch button, so your potential customers can reach you and arrange a time that works for both of you.

What Kinds of Services Can You Offer on UENI?

As you might expect, you can sell any sort of service you’d like on UENI – provided it’s legal – but there are two main categories that make up most service offerings. These are Physical Services and Digital Services.

Physical Services are pretty straightforward – things that are done on-site or in-person for your customer, typically before they pay. Everything from interior decoration, gardening works, massage services, and in-person training would fall under this category.

Digital Services encompass everything from creative work like copywriting or musical composition to graphic design services, eBooks, and advisory services – consultations and so forth. In this case, the booking process is still the same – however when a customer orders one of these services from you, the service is provided to the customer digitally, usually over email attachment or by using a third-party file hosting service.

How To Present Your Services

To give your Services the best shot at selling, you’ll need to make sure you have four things 100% perfect:

Service Name

Anyone who has spent any time learning about Google knows that keywords are the name of the game. The difference between having the correct name on your service and one that’s not quite as accurate can literally be the difference between showing up on a search and not.

If you’re a massage therapist shop, creating one listing called “massages” is never going to be as effective as creating individual Services with names that accurately reflect what each service is. Keep that in mind: you want people who are looking for exactly what you’re providing, so you should title your services with that in mind. Instead of massages, a better title might be “Swedish Massage” or “Sports Injury Massage”.

The Price

This might sound rudimentary, but you’d be surprised at how often people leave this out of when they’re listing their services. While we understand that many businesses provide prices after a quote, nearly half of all customers searching for local business information expect to see prices, so it’s a very good idea to take a minute to add a bit of pricing information to your services, even if it’s a range or a starting point.

A Great Description

Remember: if you don’t think you would book your service based on the description on your page, why would one of your customers?

Just like the Service Name, the Service Description is a great place to add in your keywords — Google will use everything available in this section to determine whether your Service matches up with one of your customer’s searches.

That doesn’t mean you should go overboard with keyword stuffing, though. Search engines are looking for two things: the right keywords to give the user what they’re looking for and a great page for them to land on. Nothing turns people off faster than descriptions that don’t do a good job of describing the service, no matter how many search terms you use or keywords you add.


Photos can be quite tricky to get right, but they’re incredibly important. In fact, they’re one of the biggest things people consider when deciding to make a purchase from a website.

Some Amazing Service Listings From UENI Customers

Talking about great Services in the abstract is all well and good, but we know there’s nothing better than actually getting to see some really well-done service listings that are on UENI-powered pages.

So, without further ado, here are a few websites you should visit. And, if you see something you like, why not book them yourself?

LM Creative Solutions

LM Creative Solutions is an HR Professional and Career Advisory Service that has really taken advantage of making their UENI page the best that it can be, and that extends to the services. Take a look at the page and you’ll see – not only are the photos incredible, there are so many well-thought-out and fully detailed services that it’s really easy for her potential clients to see exactly what they’ll be signing up for. Highly recommended from the UENI experts.

Casablanca Travel Services

Travel agencies are obviously in something of a rough spot for 2020. However, Casablanca Travel Services still offers a fantastic list of vacation packages, complete with great photos, a full description of what each package gets you, and a smart layout that separates each vacation hub. That way, their clients can be sure they won’t suffer any unfortunate booking mixups.

Solange Hair and Beauty

Solange Hair and Beauty a business providing Hair and Beauty services for a range of occasions, from wedding ceremonies to proms or even just a classic “no makeup” treatment. They also offer a range of smaller offerings, like brow treatments, lash applications, and more. What really makes this page work is the massive effort they’ve put into adding custom photos for each service – real-world examples work so much better than stock photos for helping to build trust with potential clients.

How Can You Make Your Services Better?

After you’ve gone through those pages, take a look at your own UENI page. See some things you could improve? Maybe you see that your descriptions could do with a little bit of attention – or maybe you don’t have Service descriptions at all!

Remember: the amount of work you put into your presentation is directly tied to how well your services will perform. If you have top-notch photos, great descriptions, and know how to successfully present your business online where you need to, you’re well on your way to business success. If you don’t put in the work, you’re not going to get the most out of your page.

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