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5 affordable business ideas for beginners

by Helen G
Last Updated 12 March, 2020

If you’ve always dreamed of being your own boss, then you’re not alone.

At some point in their career, most people consider going it alone — but few ever pursue the dream.

A lot of people believe it to be too difficult to go self-employed. And whilst it’s not without it’s risks, working for yourself may be easier than you might think.

Sometimes, the biggest challenge when deciding to go solo is thinking of a business idea.

To help inspire you we’ve come up with a list of the best business ideas for beginners.

Online business ideas for beginners

Online business ideas are often perfect for beginners as they don’t usually require big start up costs and there are plenty of free marketing tools and platforms to get you started.

1. E-commerce

Gone are the days when becoming a retailer required a hefty sum of cash and a physical storefront.

The internet now makes it easy for anyone to become a retailer with very little initial outlay required.

There are plenty of platforms out there like Ebay, Amazon and Etsy to help get you started with selling your products before you even have your own website. Affordable services like those offered here at UENI make it simple to build a comprehensive web presence to promote your new venture online too.

2. Virtual Assistant

To become a virtual assistant, you need little more than a mobile phone and a laptop with an internet connection, making it one of the most affordable business ventures to start. From taking calls, to performing administrative duties, the services offered by a virtual assistant are relevant to almost every business out there, making it easier to find work.

3. Mobile app design

If you know or can learn mobile app design, you’ll find your skills in high demand. With businesses of all different shapes and sizes now benefiting from having their own app, the industry for app development is booming.

As well as selling your services in app design, you could also profit from creating your own app if it turns out to be the next big thing!

4. Use your skills to go freelance

Quitting the day job to fly solo can be lucrative with a little know how and the right skill-set.

Whether you’re a photographer, writer, social media manager, makeup artist or graphic designer, taking the plunge and going it alone is a great way of working for yourself without having to first learn a new skill from scratch.

Setting up a business in something that you already have skills in means you can hit the ground running and have a greater chance of success and better earning potential earlier on in your new venture.

5. If online business isn’t your thing, why not open a small local business?

Sometimes working self-employed online can be quite isolating, so if an online business isn’t your thing you may want to consider opening a small local business.
If you have the funds to buy or rent physical premises, then running a small local business like a hairdressers or coffee shop can be very rewarding and a great start to your self-employed career.

This could be the option for you if you’re a people person who can’t stand the thought of sitting in front of a laptop on your own all day.

Don’t forget that even if your new venture is offline, you still need to market it online to get the footfall you need to be successful.

Have more business ideas for beginners we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments below!

Helen G
Helen is a freelance content writer hailing from Cheshire who specialises in tea drinking and writing about digital marketing and SEO after having worked in the industry for over 6 years.
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